Activity based probes for profiling of (hemi) cellulose active enzymes

S4.4 Polysaccharide processing for biofuels
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 11:45 to 12:00

Casper de Boer1, S Schröder1, Nicholas McGregor2, Jos Reijngoud1, Jean-Guy Berrin3, Arthur Ram1, Jeroen Codée1, Liang Wu2, Gideon Davies2, Herman Overkleeft1

1Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2University of York, York, United Kingdom, 3INRA, Marseille, France

Cyclophellitol, cyclophellitol aziridine and derivatives thereof are selective and potent, covalent mechanism based inhibitors of exo-acting, retaining glycosyl hydrolases. Activity Based Probes (ABPs) based on these inhibitors have contributed tremendously to our understanding of exo-acting enzyme activity in health and disease.[1,2] The construction of cyclophellitol containing carbohydrate oligomers allows the study of endo-acting glycosidases.

In this communication the design and synthesis of dedicated ABPs based on hemicellulose and cellulose motives (the main carbohydrate derived components of plant biomass) is presented. The main challenge is the incorporation of the cyclophellitol warhead in the oligomers and the discovery of reaction conditions that are compatible with the warhead in the late stage of the synthesis. Examples of strategies employed to synthesize different motives will be discussed.

The obtained probes are used to visualize active xylanases, cellulases and xyloglucanases. These probes can aid in the discovery of unknown enzymes acting on recalcitrant biomass leading to higher sugar yields for renewable fuel production.

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