Transition metal-catalyzed approaches to functionalyze glycosyl thiols

S7.3 Catalytic glycan transformations
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 11:45 to 12:00

Samir Messaoudi1

1CNRS - Université Paris Sud, Châtenay Malabry, France

Thioglycosides are valuable glycomimetic derivatives that have attracted much attention as mimetics of O-glycosides. Thioglycosides are among the most important glycomimetics reported to date due to their powerful activities. Owing to their importance, building up methods for their construction has drawn considerable attention. However, the classical methods of their synthesis presenting many shortcomings such as the use of harsh acidic media, and are generally limited in substrate scope. Therefore, metal-catalyzed coupling of thiosugars with halogenated electrophiles can be a superior and highly versatile approach to the sunthesis of thioglycosides.

The palladium‐catalyzed Buchwald–Hartwig–Migita cross‐coupling reaction has become an effective tool in industrial and academic research giving acces to natural products and novel materials as well as a wide number of pharmaceuticals currently on the market. Advances in this coupling reactions have been driven by the discovery of a new class of ligands, which are able to promote reactions with a variety of substrates including nitrogen‐, sulfur‐, and oxygen‐containing nucleophiles. In this context, our group explored the ability of the G3-XantPhos palladium precatalyst[1] to promote the coupling of unprotected thiosugars with various halide partners  at room temperature and in aquous medium. Some of these results will be present in this oral communication.[2]

Antivirulence approach aided by new potential antimicrobial substances

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