1st EuroCarb Young Researcher (ECYR) Workshop

Are you a young assistant professor or Senior Postdoc?
What are you working on?
Are you interested in setting up collaborations?
Would you like to have some advice from successful young professors?
Looking for new collaborators for your next round of funding?

Then the Young Researcher Workshop is the ideal event for you!

The 1st Young Researcher Workshop is a networking event aiming to bring together young independent researchers or senior Postdocs across Europe. The symposium will be held on Wednesday, July 3rd from 14:00 to 18:00 followed by social drinks.

In this meeting the participants have the opportunity to share their research interests with a pitch talk (5 min presentation) which will be a great opportunity to set up future collaborations.

During this afternoon, two inspirational Role Model talks will be presented by Prof. Carmen Galán and Prof. Sabine Flitsch who will share their own experience on “How to succeed in research and become a good group leader”.

Finally, an interactive discussion panel will take place, in which the two Role Model Speakers together with Dr. Jeroen Codée will lead an open discussion about how to pursue a successful scientific career in academia. All members will have the opportunity to briefly present their views or ask questions on the subject.

The organising committee

Dr. Marta Artola Leiden University
Dr. Marthe Walvoort University of Groningen
Dr. Tom Wennekes Utrecht University
Dr. Thomas Boltje Radboud University

  Time\Location Glucose Mannose Galactose Fucose
  14:00-14:10 Opening EuroCarb Young Researcher Workshop by ECYR Organizers
  14:10-14:35 Role model talk by Carmen Galan University of Bristol
  14:35-14:40 PT1 Marthe Walvoort University of Groningen
14:40-14:45 PT2 Christian Büll University of Copenhagen
14:45-14:50 PT3 David Kwan Concordia University
14:50-14:55 PT4 Alla Zamyatina University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
14:55-15:00 PT5 Zachary Armstrong University of York
15:00-15:05 PT6 Martina Delbianco Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Postdam
  15:10-15:15 PT7 Marta Artola Leiden University
15:15-15:20 PT8 David Falck Leiden University Medical Center
15:20-15:25 PT9 Martin Fascione University of York
15:25-15:30 PT10 Oliver Grant University Of Georgia
15:30-15:35 PT11 Tadas Kargelis Megazyme
15:35-15:40 PT12 Angeles Canales Complutense University of Madrid
  Coffee break
  16:05-16:30 Role model talk by Sabine Flitsch University of Manchester
  16:30-16:35 PT13 Tom Wennekes Utrecht University
16:35-16:40 PT14 Barbara Richichi University of Florence
16:40-16:45 PT15 Chuanjie Loh Max Planck Institute For Molecular Physiology, Dortmund
16:45-16:50 PT16 Anja Hoffmann-Röder Ludwig Maximilian Universität München
16:50-16:55 PT17 Fabrizio Chiodo Amsterdam Infection And Immunity Institute
16:55-17:00 PT18 Jenifer Hendel Ludger Ltd. Abingdon, United Kingdom
  17:05-17:10 PT19 Thomas Boltje Radboud University
17:10-17:15 PT20 Cheng-Chung Wang Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica
17:15-17:20 PT21 Byung-hoo Lee Gachon University
17:20-17:25 PT22 Rachel Hevey University Of Basel
17:25-17:30 PT23 Josef Voglmeir Nanjing Agricultural University
17:30-17:35 PT24 Ana Ardá CIC Biogune
  17:40-18:25 Round table discussion by Carmen Galan, Sabine Flitsch, Hermen Overkleeft, and Jeroen Codée
  18:25-18:30 Closure ECYR organisers
  18:30-19:30 Social drinks